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As the temperature outside climbs toward the 90s and I sit here munching on my dad’s homemade (and delicious) cucumber salad, I realize well—summer really is here.  To be honest, I prefer the quiet, laid back atmosphere of Montevallo in the summer to the more crowded busyness of the fall and spring semesters (although the heat and humidity I could do without).  And what’s more is that unlike last summer, in which I filled my summer schedule with classes in an effort to get some coursework out of the way, this summer I’m wide open aside from work.

Fritz essentially has his summer plans down:  find sunny spot; sleep; occasionally wake to complain about the neighborhood strays who camp out on the porch; repeat.

Fritz contorts himself in his window seat

Summer Yoga for Kitties

But I’ve been debating for myself: what to do with all this unheard-of free time?

When in the throes of this past very arduous school year, I would dream of having the time to exercise a little creativity.  On weekends I found myself procrastinating on homework by playing music—something that until recently I’d had a hard time enjoying again.  (I should also point out the interesting fact that when I was a music student, I’d put off practicing or composing by doing, well, anything.)  I even worked it into schoolwork whenever possible, such as this reimagining of a Gilbert and Sullivan classic for my Biological Psychology class:

(It seems my video’s view count has benefited heavily from a lack of many YouTube search results for “corpus callosotomy” or “commissurotomy.” SCORE ONE FOR A CHEAP PATH TO THE TOP.)

So it’s tempting to me to declare this a Summer o’ Artsy Fartsy-ness, spending my evenings and weekends either recording music or brushing up on long unused drawing skills or of course, writing here. :)

As much fun as that sounds, more practically, I should spend my time preparing for that most dreaded of tests: the GRE.  I’ve opted to take the newly revised version of the test in August because it was 50% off and there’s no way in hell I’m paying $180 to take a test because it was the best choice for me academically.  I’ll also have to take the subject test in psychology this fall.  All of this with the goal of making it to graduate school, the most holy of nerd meccas.

Typical Daydream of a Perpetual Student

But alas, while creativity and practicality are each appealing, both fall prey to that burster of ambitiousness bubbles we’re all too familiar with: reality.  And folks, the reality is that any Joie, given unlimited free time and finite funds, will choose to burn that time away on the Internet, movies, and video games.  But no! I must resist…

…Hmm, actually, that doesn’t sound like a half-bad summer…  And I mean, I could really go for a nap right now… Couldn’t hurt, right? I can always student or record music tomorrow…

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Another New Beginning

My name is Joie, and I’m a blogaholic.  Wait, that’s a terrible beginning.


Hi there, and welcome to my WordPress blog!  (Not much better, but it’ll have to do.)

After a few months of long form bloglessness due to the demise of my beloved Vox, a place where I made friends and documented my life for four years, I’ve decided it’s time to begin anew with WordPress.  I’ve been maintaining some form of personal blog through one service or another since 2001, which is a pretty healthy chunk of my life (40%, but who’s counting?).  I’m sure my writing here will be just as terrible, uninteresting, and embarrassing in retrospect as the last ten years’ worth has proven to be.  Something to look forward to for everyone!

Some people reading this may already know me, either from real life or from the Internets; some people may be strangers stumbling across this blog via some form of WordPress magic; and some may be spambots looking to sell me excellent real estate (anatomical or otherwise).  If you fall into the middle category, or if you belong to the first and have memory problems, or if you’re a particularly polite and well-meaning spambot, here’s a little about me.

This is me:

Joie holding a butterbeer

I like to think I always look this tourist-y

I am, in fact, holding a butterbeer, which, for the uninitiated, is a popular beverage in the Harry Potter series.  That sentence tells you three things: first, that I am a bit of a nerd; second, that you’re likely going to have to endure a post about my recent trip to Universal Orlando and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter contained therein; and third, that I have no reservations about putting 5 commas in one brief sentence.

I attend school at the University of Montevallo, an excellent liberal arts college in the geographic center of Alabama.  I am fortunate enough to also be employed at the University’s library, where I maintain our acquisitions and periodicals subscriptions.  In other words, I handle our magazines and order our books—and if you think working in a library is lame, I’ve got news for you: YOU’RE LAME.  (Burn!) I love my job, especially seeing all the shiny new books before everyone else does.

I have a cat named Fritz who gives the fiercest of affectionate head-butts.  Here he is:

Fritz the Kitty

Kitty and the Keys

And if you can’t guess from the picture, I’m a musician—sometimes.  My first degree was in music composition, which the Occupational Outlook Handbook ranks as the second-fastest growing career field in America, right behind  bowling-pin-setter-upper1.  My current academic and professional pursuits lie in the field of psychology. That my parents have never called me sobbing, “Why can’t you just get a nice degree in business or accounting?” is a testament to their supportiveness.

In addition to making music, I also love reading, spending too much time online (see aforementioned 10 years of maintaining personal blogs), playing video games, and watching individual television series in marathon sessions.  Courtesy of my boyfriend, Stephen, I am learning to love going outside (the sun burns my pasty skin!) and riding a bicycle.

This seems like more than enough information to start with.  I’m looking forward to many more years of self-indulgence and oversharing.  Here’s to you, courageous reader!

1This information is false.  Well, except the part about my having a relatively useless degree.

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