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I’ve mentioned this to a few people already, but after a lot of complications, things are at last finalized enough that I can officially announce to the whole wide Interwebz: at the end of the year, I’ll be moving to … Seattle!

Plans to move to Boulder had actually been in the works for a few months.  But when Stephen was unexpectedly offered a job in Seattle, plans had to change.  I mourned for a few days—Boulder was a love-at-first-sight kind of town for me, and Seattle was even farther from my family—before I began to get excited about the new possibilities this change brought with it.  Unfortunately, as a person who has spent her entire life in a quadrant of the country that’s largely uninterested in, well, blue states, I knew next to nothing about Seattle.  And as much as I hate the stereotypes associated with Alabama, my knowledge of Seattle was pretty caricatural; probably a flannel-wearin’, Starbucks-drinkin’, Space-Needle-lookin’-at community, right?

Something like this, I guess?

Imagine my surprise upon learning there’s actually a lot more to Seattle than grunge music, landmarks, and coffee (although to be honest, I love all three of those things).  Stephen spent 4 years living there, but as his main promotion has been, “Oh, man, there are so many good teriyaki places,” I was sort of left on my own to learn more.  Here are a few things I’ve discovered.

1.  Its nickname is “The Emerald City.”  Which basically means I’ll be singing this song every day when I wake up.  The nickname comes from the lush greenery all throughout the area.

2. Apparently there’s like, you know. A mountain.  This is one of those things that I guess normal people know but I don’t.

No, really! There is!


That would be good ol’ Mt. Rainier, hilariously named given the Pacific Northwest’s rain…ier…ness.  It’s listed on the Decade Volcano list, a.k.a. potentially dangerous ones that are being studied.  I suppose living near an active volcano is a good way to make up for the fact that I’m leaving one of the most tornado-prone areas in the country?

3.  It’s currently ranked as the #2 most literate city in the country.  (Note that that’s not “most literatest.”)  Check the Top 10 and it’s right behind Washington, D.C.  I was also thrilled to learn they have a pretty excellent library system.  MY NERD SENSE IS TINGLING.

4. It’s just been ranked as the most walk-friendly city in the United States.  In fact, it’s the only platinum-level city on WalkFriendly.org’s list.  AND NOTHING MAKES ME WANT TO WALK MORE THAN THE THOUGHT OF OVERPRICED PRECIOUS METALS!

5. ICHIRO.  Finally, an excuse to say his name all the time.



And all of this doesn’t even begin to get into how much the area is bursting with shows, events, and culture.  I get overwhelmed just trying to look into it!  Any thoughts or recommendations from any Seattle-savvy readers out there?  My move from one corner of the country to the other isn’t for another 6 months, but I’m already imagining my life as a Seattleite!

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