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My life has felt pretty fragmented lately as I struggle to get everything done that needs doing—at work, for school, with loved ones, and in preparation for grad school applications.  It’s no secret that I spend a lot of time online, and some web sources (in particular Tumblr, but also Twitter and various blogs I keep up with) have become great ways for me to distract myself just briefly enough to relieve a little stress without wasting too much time.  The problem is, I seem to be filling my head with a bunch of interesting nuggets—things I remember reading about, but may not always remember the source, or the significance, or why it intrigued me.  They’re usually things I tell myself I’ll research or think about more later, but then of course, poof—they’re gone, only to be replaced by a million new ideas.

My previous method has been to fire up a quick Gmail draft when I want to remember something, but that’s proving to not be particularly useful.  I’m going to start tracking some of these things (words, quotes, or ideas I liked) here, if only for my own feeling of relief at having logged it somewhere.  This may be a job I later farm out to my newly created Pinterest, but for now, looks like my loyal blog readers (all 4 of you!) will have to deal with it.

Nuggets – October 8, 2011

  • the New Yorker comma
  • emotional economics
  • Now if anyone asks me who, alive or dead, I would invite to a dinner party, I will include William James
  • parentingbeyondbelief.com/blog
  • zugzwang [quickly becoming one of my favorite words OF ALL TIME. OF ALL TIME.]
  • albatross (the bird, not the fortuitous golf situation)
  • Pyrrhic victory
  • helpmeet/helpmate
  • amanuensis
  • Deborah Blum
  • http://ocw.mit.edu/courses/
  • Laika the Dog
  • “You were missed, David.” / “Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating Away in Space” by Spirtualized

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