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Snow Days

It’s been over a month since my last post, and I’m feeling quite settled here in Washington!  The trip out was an adventure, and one on which we had a lot of good luck—but I’m not ready to build that post yet.  Instead, I want to talk about what last week brought, which represented a dream come true for this Alabama native: SNOOOOOOOOW!!


One disappointment I had upon finding out that Stephen and I would be living in Washington rather than Colorado was that I wouldn’t get to see nearly as much snow.  Fortunately for me, last Wednesday our area saw a historic snowfall, fresh on the heels of a couple inches of snow from earlier in the week.  And in case you didn’t know: I am the Queen of Loving Snow.

I even have a crown. Although I haven't been able to find it since it warmed up outside...

Now much like Alabama, this area is apparently not equipped to handle any kind of substantial snowfall in terms of road maintenance.  And with the addition of a crazy ice storm on Thursday (followed by even more snow), travel was pretty much a nightmare.  Good news for me, as that meant that Stephen could work from home—and of course, I could make him take his lunch break to go Snow Walking with me!  We’d already snapped some pictures around our apartment from the previous weekend’s relatively minor snowfall:

Bridging Washington's lovely green and snow's sparkling white.

These snowberries taste like snowberries!

Snow at Sunset


But that was nothing compared to Wednesday and Thursday’s Snowmageddon 2012!


Fence along the trail

Evergreen icicles

I have reason to believe Narnia is just around that curve.

A snowy place to sit

It was a working lunch for some of us.


One of my favorite things about this past week was that we had been walking this trail before the snow began and I’d gotten a lovely picture of a moss-covered rock wall.  I took a picture of it on Saturday; got another one for the first snowfall almost exactly 24 hours later; and took another picture on Wednesday, after Sunday’s snow had melted and been replaced with even more:




...and Wednesday!


I was in heaven for most of last week, with both my snow-loving self and my inner weather geek satisfied (I was even featured on my beloved weather blog from back home—something I shall brag about until the end of time).  But I must admit: sad as I am that most of the snow has since melted, it’s nice to no longer feel too afraid to drive anywhere.  Of course, maybe my favorite thing about this cold weather is that it’s an excuse to get cuddly.


The Snowy Couple


Here’s hoping for more snow days this season!


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